Crossing the border with 4×4 self-drive Uganda.

COMESA; This is an important document for border crossing with a vehicle that doesn’t have a number plate of the country you are crossing to and it is also useful for insurance in case of an incident while in the country. This document costs $30 valid for all borders, but the document has an expiration period depending on the country you are crossing to. For example;

the COMESA document
  • crossing to Kenya, the document will be valid for only 14 days in the country. If you’ve to spend more than 14 days in the country, worry not as there is an option of increasing the number of days in the country for $40 payments for the additional days are done at any of the Revenue offices in Kenya or you can make a payment at the border if you know you’re to spend more than the official days in the country to prevent inconveniences during your trip. For border crossing, you can use one of these crossing points to and from Kenya, Malaba crossing point or Busia crossing point.
  • Crossing to Tanzania, in this country the document will be valid for only 7 days after crossing into the country. With an option of increasing your number of days into the country at the cost of $20. Payments are made at the border while crossing or at the revenue offices in Tanzania. For border crossing to and from Tanzania, you can border cross using the Mutukula border point or at the Namanga border point.
  • Crossing to Rwanda. In the land of a thousand hills, the COMESA document does not have an expiration. After crossing into the country. Border crossing to and from Rwanda at, Cyanika border point or Gatuna border point.

We recommend using the Cyanika border point when crossing to and from Rwanda because this crossing point is near National parks in both Rwanda and Uganda, using this crossing point will save you time and fuel.