Best Car Rental Services Uganda 2022/23, 4×4 Self Drive Uganda

Best Uganda Car Rental services 2022/2023: Self-drive car Hire, Car rental Uganda, camping gear, rooftop tent Land Cruisers, Driver Hire, Long Term Car rental, Pop Up Roof Hire

4x4 car rental services-Car Rental Services

4×4 self Drive Uganda offers the Best  Car Rental Services in Uganda including Self drive car Hire, Car rental Uganda, camping gear, rooftop tent Land Cruisers, Driver Hire, Long Term Car rental, Pop Up Roof Hire

Car rental services: Driving across Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania is an awe-inspiring remarkable experience. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to access hard-to-reach areas(remote areas) that may be inaccessible using public transport and enables you to travel at your chosen pace and convenience. With a 4×4 self-drive Uganda Rental car, you become your boss and travel even longer distances to visit some of the smaller villages and towns and the National parks in each country, which public transport cannot.

You can get more from your trip if you rent a car with 4×4 Self Drive Uganda which makes it easy to find the best budget car rental deals so that you can enjoy your day trips without a fuss.

And what’s more, when you choose to rent a car from 4×4 Self-drive Uganda, you’ll be dealing with a rental car company that has made a special commitment to provide every customer with great customer service, a wide choice of top-quality cars and competitive total pricing. Our cars come with extra Car rental Services including, guaranteed best Prices, Roof Top tents, car guides/drivers, Gps Hire, Comprehensive Insurance coverage, and Camping gear among others.

Car Rental Services: Quality Prices

4×4 Self Drive Car rental rates vary depending on the location, the date and the length of the rental term. Most of our car rental quotes include compulsory Comprehensive Insurance,  Full service, and Car rental terms and Conditions, but double-check, otherwise quote will increase when you get to the counter. So if you plan to do a lot of driving, try to find a rate that is all-inclusive, or take the additional costs into account within your travel budget.

The longer you rent a car with 4×4 Self Drive Uganda, the cheaper the daily rate will be. Usually, discounts apply when you rent for more than a week,  plus; but the amount depends upon the location, the time of year, as well as the rate of Demand.

Believe us and choose from the wide selection of 4×4 rental cars we offer simply fill in your pick-up and drop-off dates and locations as well as your details including your budget and details for your requirements. We promise we will get back to you in a few minutes. However, you can also save time by making direct calls to any of our reservations and your matters will be solved.

Car and Driver-Car Rental Services

Need an Additional Driver?, You will add it to your rental agreement when booking with us, and you be entitled to pay an additional fee for each day of the authorized driver of your rented 4×4 car. In case of an accident whilst driven by an unauthorized driver the insurance will be invalid, leaving you exposed to the  cost of repair of your rental vehicle

If you want to add drivers to your rental agreement, you will need to name them on the agreement and pay an additional daily fee for each additional “authorized driver” of the vehicle. If the car is involved in an accident whilst driven by someone not authorized to drive the vehicle, the insurance will usually become invalid, leaving you exposed to the cost of the vehicle repair or damages caused.

Car rental services-GPS HIRE

4×4 Self Drive Uganda now offers portable GPS in the car with an attached fee or if you have your satellite navigation equipment, you can take it with you for use in your 4×4 rental car. If you’re planning a long-distance road trip, consider downloading Maps. me which is an excellent companion to your digital map or GPS and provides detailed local knowledge on a mile-by-mile basis.


4×4 Car rental and camping can help you save a big sum of money. Whether you are on a budget, mid-range or luxury safari and you are not interested in booking any accommodation, or you just want to enjoy your incredible self Drive safari in the wilderness,4×4 Self Drive Uganda is ready to fulfil your wishes with a full set of camping equipment including; Kitchen equipment, camping chairs and table, a gas cylinder, sleeping bags, form mattresses, ground or roof top tents, ordinary cooler box( also known as a storage box) or electric cooler box/fridge.

NB. Camping gear is also attached at an affordable cost.

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