GPS Navigation Rental 4×4 Car Hire in Uganda 2022/2025

GPS Navigation rental 4×4 car hire. hires out a car W/GPS Navigation in Uganda for accessing different destinations and manage your trip

Car Rental & GPS in Uganda, 4×4 Self Drive Uganda offers the Best GPS Hire to Self Drive Travelers who wish to Explore Uganda on a Self Drive Holiday. Booking a car with a GPS in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zanzibar and Kenya is simple with 4×4 Self Drive Uganda, Just call the US at +256789741049 or Email us: at

4x4 self drive Uganda car rentalWe are Here to make self-driving in Uganda easy and simple, Just add a GPS on your Car Rental for the Self Drive Adventure today!

All that is required is the completion of an online application form with your details and we will do the rest.

If you would prefer to order now, then please give us a call at +256789741049 and we will process your rental immediately.

When ordering for GPs Hire & Car rental from 4×4 Self Drive Uganda. On your return the Rented Car and GPs are expected to be all working, In case the GPs is damaged, the Hirer is expected to be Fined for the Damaged.

The Quote for the GPS is 5 USD Per Day Get the Car Hire Quote today and the GPS from Our Team of Experts

NB. However, Every traveller is urged to download the Maps. me App which is available on either the App store or google play Store because it’s flexible compared to the GPS.