4×4 Self Drive Uganda $40/Day, Car rental Uganda Car Hire

Self Drive Uganda, 4×4 Car rental Uganda Car Hire $40: 4×4 Self Drive Uganda offers budget 4×4 car rental Uganda Car Hire from $40 in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda.

4×4 Self Drive Uganda $40/Day, 4×4 Budget car rental Uganda. Car Rental Kampala | Self Drive Uganda Safari with rooftop tents, Camping gears, Long tone-way way rental in Uganda.

4×4 Self Drive Uganda rents out excellent & affordable 4×4 car rental Uganda cars for hire along the with best car rental services: car rental w/driver-guide Uganda long-term, long-term rental Uganda one-way, one-way car rental Uganda, rooftop tents Land cruisers, airport transfers from Uganda, car rental with pop up roofs travellers on a self-drive East Africa Safari in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya.

Our selection of fully kitted self-drive safaris in Uganda driver-guided tours from self-drive Uganda, include 4×4 Land cruisers LX, Land Cruiser GX, Land Cruiser TX/TZ,  4×4 Toyota Rav4, 4×4 Toyota Double cabins, Safari vans, Mini Vans, pick up trucks and coaster buses.

The wide range of camping gear on offer includes Camping tables, camping chairs, a set of cutlery, gas, sleeping bags, ground tents, a storage box, cooler box, an electric fridge(at an extra cost), frying pans, chopping board, cooking pots, cups, plates, knives, form mattresses etcetera.

Self-drive Uganda all self-drive travellers to drive at their own pace and spend their time self-drive safaris. Self Drive travellers on self-drive safaris spend more time exploring prominent tourist places and small villages far from the crowds where they can explore Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda on their terms.

Self-drive in Uganda has increasingly become more popular, as it offers ultimate freedom and flexibility to explore Uganda’s Natural wonders and attractions at your own pace.

Planning a self-drive safari in Uganda? 4×4 Self-drive Uganda, allows you to spend time where you want on your self-drive tour in Uganda. With the stunning natural backdrop of Uganda, your self-drive tour will be an unforgettable experience.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable travel experience, travelling to Uganda is highly recommended! No Wonder is ” the pearl of Africa” with the most popular road trip adventures. You will drive through some incredible landscapes.

Explore the fabled western and southwestern region, where you’ll find Uganda’s most famous Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park tree climbing lions at Isasha sector in Queen Elizabeth National park, intelligent Chimpanzees in Kibale Forest National Park and Margherita peak in Rwenzori mountains National Park. Drive around the popular Golden Murchison Falls route where you can experience the incredible white Rhinos of Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and an ultimate Game drive and boat cruise along the source of the Nile in Murchison Falls National Park.

Self Drive Fleets For 4×4 Self Drive Uganda From $40/day

self drive uganda toyota Rav4 3 doors-car rental rwanda

Toyota Rav 4 Short-3 doors at $35

self drive toyota rave4-5 doors,-car hire uganda

Toyota Rav 4 Long 5 doors at $45

self drive uganda Landcruiser LX. car rental uganda

Toyota Landcruiser LX at $80

self drive uganda Landcruiser Extended

Landcruiser Extended $120

self drive uganda cheap car rentals & safaris

Landcruiser TX/TZ W/Rooftop Tent at $75

self drive uganda car rentals and hire

Toyota Hiace W/pop-up Roof at $90

self drive uganda cheap car rentals

Rooftop tent Landcruiser Old series at $70

4x4 Self Drive Uganda Rental Fleet

Pop-up Roof Landcruiser TX/TZ at $70

Land Ccruiser with rooftop tent-4x4 self drive Uganda

Landcruiser GX W/rooftop tent at $80

self drive uganda van rentals-car hire Uganda

Toyota Hiace W/hard roof 10 seater at $90

Toyota Double Cabin-car rental rwanda

Toyota double cabin pickup truck at $65

self drive uganda land-cruiser-old-series-rooftop

78 series Landcruiser W/rooftop tent $70

4×4 Land Cruisers (Car Rental) With Pop-Up Roofs

4×4 Self-drive Uganda rents out 4×4 Toyota Land cruisers and Safari Vans with pop-up Roofs which are best suited for wildlife watching in Uganda’s spectacular National Parks of Kideop, Murchison, Lake Mburo, Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls National Park.

Besides our Pop-up Roof Land Cruiser & Safari Cars come along with excellent services including Car rental W/Driver-guides, Long term Car rentalscamping gear & one-way car rental.

Highlights of Land cruisers: high quality, strong, reliable and flexible on all terrain roads. These cars are extra equipped for game drives!

Carrying Capacity: 2pax  to 7 Pax

book a car w/pop up roof

self drive uganda land-cruiser-old-series-rooftop

Book car with rooftop tent

4×4 Land Cruisers (Car Rental) With Roof Top Tents

4×4 Self Drive Uganda offers a top-quality rooftop tent Land cruiser jeep.

Sleep in the best rooftop tent featured on our most popular safari cars, including the  Land cruiser GXLand Cruiser LXLand cruiser TX/TZ, Hard top extended Land cruiser, Land cruiser 78 seriesLand cruiser old series and Land cruiser V8.

These Land cruiser models offer the power for you to travel on Uganda’s Roads,  and highlands, at your pace on self-drive or with a driver-guide to see our country’s breathtaking natural beauty.

Reach us by email at info@4x4selfdriveuganda.com, or by phone call +256 774 819 223

4×4 Car Rental With A Driver Guide in Uganda

Looking for a 4×4 car rental with a driver guide in Uganda? Look no more! 4×4 self-drive Uganda hires out rental cars with driver guides from as low as $30 per day for all your travel needs.

Car rental with a driver guide in Uganda is a convenient and safe option for all self-drive travellers, First-time travellers, Business travellers, road trippers, one-way rental travellers, airport transfers and adventure travellers who not only want to reach safely to their desired destination but also enjoying their travel experience to the fullest.

Whether it is a business, conference, family picnic, birthday event, school trip, proposal idea, honeymoon events, graduation ceremonies or any other events, arrive in Style in one of our 4×4 self-drive trips and take the hassle out of your special event transport.

self drive uganda Driver hire-4x4 Self Drive Uganda

Book car with Driver

self drive uganda Car rental equipment-4x4 self drive Uganda

Book with Camping Gear

Car Rental Uganda with Camping Gear

4×4 Self-drive Uganda also ensures you have the best possible camping gear including Kitchen Utensils, camping chairs, camping tables, ground tents, gas, cutlery, and sleeping bags with a well-serviced car capable enough to comfortably carry you over the long stretches of rough roads in Uganda.

Driving through Uganda becomes even more fun when you are bringing along all the equipment you require o spend the night in the middle of nature and prepare your meals!

4×4 Self Drive Uganda guarantees you a rental 4×4 car in perfect condition with camping gear as well as excellent Backup services, So you can now go and enjoy your self-drive safari in spectacular Uganda.

Uganda Self Drive Safaris, Best Tour Packages

Let us spoil you with a Collection of Uganda’s exceptional self-drive safari packages including accommodation, vehicle and a detailed route map guide. Make use of our comprehensive travel services to book an unforgettable safari. Discover the spectacular secrets Uganda holds.

4×4 Self Drive Uganda is a 100% car rental & customized self-drive safari site. Our country boasts 10 beautiful National Parks. breathtaking sunsets, ever-changing landscapes GorillasChimpanzees and wildlife.

Experience the beauty of Africa first hand in our 4×4 rentals, with our assistance in planning & booking and with our camping equipment.

Our 4×4 vehicles are ideal for touring Uganda on your schedule and route. Camping equipment, itineraries, accommodation & activity bookings can be included if required.

self drive safari in Uganda with a 4x4

Book the Best Self-drive safaris

Frequently Asked Questions

When and How do I make my rental payments?

4×4 self-drive Uganda prefers payment on arrival. This helps both parties in terms of confidence and security purpose. We always advise our customers to first see the rental car if it is in good working condition, contains full service, and sign the rental agreement before making the final payments

We also accept payment from all types of credit cards, only if the customer will accept to make payments, at least 4 days before the pickup date.

Do you take any Deposits for the Car?

Yes, we accept, only if the customer prefers and accepts to do so. Since the total cost is based on the number of days and size of the vehicle, our customers who would wish to pay their rental deposit will be required to pay at least 30% of the total amount.

When and How Should i Return my Rental car?

You’ve finished your adventure/business trip in your rental car, and now it is time to return the vehicle to either our office or drop-off point as was discussed between us.

You must return the car at the time and date specified in your rental agreement. Otherwise, you could face having to pay a charge for returning the vehicle late. This is because we require a few minutes to examine the condition of the car before you set off for your scheduled flight. Therefore to avoid inconveniences, you must do as above.

What are the possible documents that i should carry to the rental desk?

We do not require much but come in handy with a valid travel passport, and either your national driving license or international driving license. We take photos of these two documents so that we remain with your full details, while you will be allowed to drive around with your documents for your safety

Do i need to refuel the car on the last day of return?

Like every car, a rental car needs fuel — and the cost of that fuel is rarely included in the rental price. All we expect from our customers is that they should be able to return our rental cars with the same quantity of fuel as that which they found on the day they picked it up. Otherwise, the renter will be required to pay a sum equivalent to that same amount

Do you offer car rental Discounts?

4×4 Self Drive Uganda Car rental rates  are cost-friendly, and of course yes, we do offer discounts  depending on the season, number of days(long-term rentals) and the frequent interactions between us and the customer

What other extra offers do you provide, besides car rental?

Once You have booked a car with us or are in the process, You are free to let us know of your gorilla and chimpanzee tracking dates so that we can easily and quickly book and later pick them up for you. No extra charges are attached to this service, but only ask you to make an early request to avoid inconveniences on your scheduled itinerary

What are cross border & territorial restrictions?

Cross Border Insurance: Our Vehicles are insured for use in Uganda only, Hirers must not attempt to take the vehicle a Cross the border without our consent. prior consent from the Us and the renter must buy COMESA insurance which is processed by the operator at $30 for 20 Days or fewer days.
Clients going across the border must provide proof of an exit confirmation from the foreign country visited and failure to do so will be subjective to a surcharge of 200$$$ to drive the car back to that country to exit.

Does the insurance cover both the hirer and the car?

With the insurance terms, our rental cars are insured under a policy of motor vehicle insurance (“Policy”) from a person or company licensed to carry on insurance business in Uganda.

The operator’s Insurance Policy Carters for Only the Vehicles, Head on Collusion and theft for the Vehicle and doesn’t provide Personal Life Insurance for the occupant so you’re required to come with life insurance from your home country. This Insurance does not cover any damage caused by negligence such as driving under the influence of alcoholism, wheels/trims, cigarette burns (Our vehicles are all non-smoking), punctures, damage to radio covers, badges etc. when this happens, you are required to do the following

  1. Immediately notify the police if another party‘s guilt is to be ascertained or if any person is injured
  2. Therefore clients are entitled to get a police report and make Police Statement when he or she gets an accident because it is what company insurance is based on to compensate, so when the client does not get this letter is to meet all the expenses.
  3. The Excess insurance charged by our company will vary depending on the car type: Toyota Rav4 USD 300-350and Land cruiser Prado 500-1000 USD depending on the assessed damage.
  4. The hirer will comply with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy and pay the owner any excess in the event of the claim
  5. Rooftop Tents are not part of insurance in case of any damage, the client is responsible to pay the costs of replacing the tent in the original cost of a new one for $$$1000.

IMPORTANT: We don’t provide insurance services to the Hirer. We operate by the insurance provided under the Policy. we reserve the right to determine whether or not to claim under the Policy. In the event of damage to the Vehicle, the Hirer agrees to immediately contact, and solely deal with our company.

  1. The Hirer will not be covered under the Policy (and therefore is personally liable for all damage) if –
    Note: Areas where the client is 100% responsible for damages to the car:
  2. Driving more than speed limits
  3. Single vehicle incidents or rollovers, happen due to overspeeding so a client is advised to drive at the advised speed limit- 50Km/hr in Towns and 80 km/hr on highways.
  4. Damage to the vehicle is caused by careless, willful or reckless driving
  5. Damage to the vehicle is caused by lack of proper care as clause 4
  6. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  7. Driving on restricted roads/areas like off-tracking in Uganda National Park
  8. Use of fuel from restricted petrol stations, clients are supposed to take fuel from only Total and Shell petrol stations
  9. During weather conditions like the rainy season the client has to take care when driving in muddy areas.
  10. Under body coverage, damage to the underbody of the vehicle is considered a result of careless driving.
  11. Cross Border Insurance: Our Vehicles are insured for use in Uganda only, Hirer must not attempt to take the vehicle Cross border without prior consent from the operator and the hirer must buy COMESA insurance which is processed by the operator at $30 for 20 Days or fewer days.
  12. Clients going cross border must provide proof of an exit confirmation from the foreign country visited and failure to do so will be subjective to a surcharge of $200 to drive the car back to that country to exit.

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