Car Rental Insurance Policy between the Operator and the Hirer

The Operator’s rental fleet is insured under a policy of motor vehicle insurance (“Policy”) from a person or company licensed to carry on insurance business in Uganda.

The operator’s Insurance Policy Carters for Only the Vehicles, Head Collusion and theft for the Vehicle and doesn’t provide Personal Life Insurance for the occupant so you’re required to come with life insurance from your home country. This Insurance does not cover any damage caused by negligence such as driving under the influence of alcoholism, wheels/trims, cigarette burns (Our vehicles are all non-smoking), punctures, damage to radio covers, badges etc.

  1. Immediately notify the police if another party‘s guilt is to be ascertained or if any person is injured
  2. Therefore clients are entitled to get a police report and make Police Statement when he or she gets an accident because it is what company insurance is based on to compensate, so when the client does not get this letter is to meet all the expenses.
  3. The Excess insurance charged by the operator will vary depending on the car type: Toyota Rav4 USD 300-350 and Land cruiser Prado 500-1000 USD depending on the assessed damage.
  4. The hirer will comply with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy and pay the owner any excess in the event of the claim
  5. Rooftop Tents are not part of insurance in case of any damage, the client is responsible to pay the costs of replacing the tent in the original cost of a new one for $$$1000.

IMPORTANT: The Operator is not providing insurance services to the Hirer. The Operator manages the insurance provided under the Policy. The Operator reserves the right to determine whether or not to claim under the Policy. In the event of damage to the Vehicle, the Hirer agrees to immediately contact, and solely deal with, the Operator.

  1. The Hirer will not be covered under the Policy (and therefore is personally liable for all damage) if –
    Note: Areas where the client is 100% responsible for damages to the car:
  1. Driving more than speed limits
  2. Single vehicle incidents or rollovers, this happens due to overspeeding so a client is advised to drive at the advised speed limit- 50Km/hr. Towns and 80 km/hr. high ways.
  3. Damage to the vehicle is caused by careless, willful or reckless driving
  4. Damage to the vehicle is caused by lack of proper care as clause 4
  5. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  6. Driving on restricted roads/areas like off-tracking in Uganda National Park
  7. Use of fuel from restricted petrol stations, clients are supposed to take fuel from only Total and Shell petrol stations
  8. During weather conditions like the rainy season the client has to take care when driving in muddy areas.
  9. Under body coverage, damage to the underbody of the vehicle is considered a result of careless driving.
  1. Cross Border Insurance: Our Vehicles are insured for use in Uganda only, Hirer must not attempt to take the vehicle Cross border without prior consent from the operator and the hirer must buy COMESA insurance which is processed by the operator at 30$$$$ for 20 Days or fewer days.
  2. Clients going across the border must provide proof of an exit confirmation from the foreign country visited and failure to do so will be subject to a surcharge of 200$$$ to drive the car back to that country to exit.
  3. Driving Time & Advice.
  1. The vehicle has to stop operation at 7:00 pm and should start to be on road at 6:30 am and above, unless it is airport pick or drop at or from the airport, anything happens beyond the mentioned time the Hirer is responsible for whatever happens on the car.
  2. b) The Driver guide will stop driving at 7:00 pm and night game drives are subjective to extra pay of 20 $$$.
  3. Speed Limit in National Park is 40KM/h don’t go off track and any client who does it is responsible to Pay the 150 USD to Uganda Wildlife Authority
  4. Animals in the National Park have 100 % the Right of way and clients are to be 100Metres Away from Fierce Animals like Elephants and the operator will not be liable for damages to the car.
  1. FUEL

Vehicles are generally supplied on a “¼ to ¼ “basis. No credit will be given for unused fuel at the end of the rental.


The Hirer must, at or before the expiry of the term of hire, deliver the Vehicle to the place of business of the Operator or obtain the Operator’s consent to the continuation of the hire (in which case the Hirer must pay additional hire charges for the extended term of hire).

  1. Breach of the Contract
  1. Any addition and alterations to these terms and conditions shall be Null and void unless agreed upon in writing by both parties and signed by the operator.
  2. In case of an accident the client will be subject to a driver for the entire remaining trip period at an extra fee of USD30 per day.

Note: If you want to return the car before the end of your rental period no money is refunded, so if you are not sure of your days to use the car pay at your estimation and when you want to use the extra day communicate to our reservation team and you can make payment at the end but the same rate.