Land Cruiser with Camping Gear & Rooftop Tents in Uganda

Car rental equipment-4x4 self drive UgandaLand Cruiser Rental with Camping Gear & Rooftop tents in Uganda. Hire a car with rooftop tent & camping Equipment for Camping safaris in Uganda from 4×4 Self Drive Uganda

4×4 Self Drive Uganda offers a wide range of 4×4 Land Cruisers with camping gear and rooftop tents for camping Safaris in Uganda. All our camping cars in Uganda are 4×4 reliable and sturdy vehicles that can be driven on all road types. So it can be driven to places like Kidepo National Park, Murchison Falls national Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park,  Queen Elizabeth National parks, including the rest of the Nation al Parks and Reserves of in Uganda.

The 4×4 Land Cruiser Rental fleets include; Land Cruiser  Lx with double Rooftop tents and Camping gear, Land cruiser Gx with Two rooftop tents and camping equipment, Land Cruiser v8 with two rooftop tents and camping equipment, Land cruiser 78 series with rooftop tents and Camping gear  and much more depending on camping safari arrangement.

What is included in our Land Cruiser with Rooftop Tent & Camping gear/Equipment?

With all of our rooftop tent Land cruisers, you have a mattress, Camping table, Camping chairs,  GPS tracking Device(at an extra cost), sleeping bags, cooler box, an electric fridge (at an additional cost), Kitchen utensils, gas cylinder, all included in the price.