Driving in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania  With a rented Car from 4×4 Self Drive Uganda

Self Drive Travelers hiring a Car from Uganda must meet Car Hire Requirements specified by 4×4 Self Drive Uganda.

4×4 Car Hire Required Documents and Some Driving Tips

Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania as  4×4 self-drive destinations for Great Adventures is really challenging but entirely rewarding. Most African countries require a 4×4 hired car to successfully navigate and access the  National Parks for  Game  Drives in the Parks.

To hire a vehicle in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania, you must present a valid International driver’s license or your country-issued Drivers license (details must be in English). Visitors may use their home driver’s license for 3 months in Uganda and Rwanda.

When driving anywhere in East Africa, there are some things visitors need to be aware that is;

  • When driving in the mornings or evenings, always look out for children going to School, cows, and goats on the road (even on main ones). Larger animals also tend to wander onto highways.
  • When in Uganda drive on the left side of the road and in Rwanda drive on the Right Side.
  • Do not drink and drive.
  • Do not speed as for Uganda the Max is 80 Km/hr and Rwanda is 60 Km/hr.
  • Don’t drive without your seat belt.
  • Don’t operate a mobile phone whilst driving.
  • Keep safe following distances 3 Meters from the front Car.
  • A driving license is required to drive on Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania roads.

4×4 Car Hire in Uganda and Rwanda: Diesel vs Petrol

There has been a long-standing debate on whether diesel engine is better performing than petrol and vice versa. Diesel and petrol each have their advantage as follows:

Diesel Pros

  • Highly resilient to water crossings
  • Safer fuel with a lower ignition point
  • Great fuel availability
  • Work-like torque curve for towing
  • Tractor-like control in difficult terrain
  • Longer fuel range
  • Possible 30% longer engine life

Petrol Pros

  • Cheaper purchase price
  • Cheaper to run
  • Smooth and quiet running
  • ‘Sportier’ performance
  • Cheaper to maintain

A petrol engine looks like a sure winner and is more advantageous as it is cheaper to buy and can save you real money in the long run. It is also a nicer proposition to drive however this engine is best suited when driving in an Adventurous area. As you are looking for a rental car in a country like Uganda and Rwanda and facing prospective rough driving over gravelly and sandy desert terrain for most of your trip, a diesel 4×4 car is the greater choice. The diesel engine is best suited for serious off-road driving in remote Uganda Parks like Kidepo National Park, Select wisely when it comes to  Self Drive Safari Holiday with the Best Car Rental Fleet.

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