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So whether you are a first-time visitor to Uganda or you are returning for a repeat trip, there are plenty of things to see and do in this country. Over 10,000,000 tourists visit Uganda each year. The wet and dry tropical climate makes the region a popular destination for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. Find out which attractions you won’t want to miss on your next trip to Uganda as it welcomes you with open arms.

Crossing the Equator

the equator

A must to do while in your self drive safari towards the South Western Route

 A must-have to do when in Uganda. Make your famous self drive touristic circle  to the West all for yourself  by crossing the famous  equator line and make your make many photos with one foot in the Northern Hemisphere while the other in the southern hemisphere

Go Gorilla trekking

4x4 self drive uganda car rental

Coming face to face with the gorillas in their Natural habitat

This is probably Uganda’s top highlight amongst all the activities in Uganda, that you cannot afford to miss. Mountain Gorillas cannot just be found in other national parks in the world except in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Uganda is blessed because it holds about half of the world’s mountain gorillas from both Bwindi and Mgahinga gorilla National Parks.  Gorilla trekking is on every traveller/self-driver bucket list and you can only make that dream come true with your 4×4 self-drive Uganda gorilla trekking safaris, where you enjoy your full one hour in the presence of the gorillas, or opt for 4 hours during your gorilla habituation experience.

Spend your ultimate time with the chimpanzees

chimpanzee habituation-4x4self drive uganda safaris-kibale national park spend a whole day with the chimpanzees

Uganda is one in east Africa that has the largest number of chimpanzees with Kibale national park being the primate capital and best chimpanzee trekking whilst others may also experience it at Kaniyo Pabidi in Budongo forest, or else out at Kalinzu forest reserve, or better yet, you can still catch up with the one at Ngamba Island sanctuary. Just like Trekking gorillas, you also have the chance to come face to face with chimpanzees in their natural habitat where you will also have a full hour in their presence, but the case is different with chimp habituation where you have a full day as you watch them do their daily activities including building their nests, feeding their young ones among others

Game drives and Game Viewing

safari game viewing and game drive tree climbing lions at isasha sector

 Uganda has always been home to the diverse wildlife that forms the bedrock of Uganda’s tourism industry. Uganda is one of the most distinguished tourism destinations in Africa with a wide range of wildlife in most National parks and game reserves where both animals and nature are in total harmony with each other. These parks though Less crowded but offer the best game drives and wildlife experiences which include; Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls and Kidepo, Lake Mburo and Semuliki National parks hence offering a safe and exquisite environment for Uganda safari.

Exploring the source of the Nile

uganda's River NileFind it here in Jinja and see the spring of the river Nile that flows. Explore the glorious River, which is also the longest river in the world flowing through eleven countries. You may experience it several times during your self-drive trips in Uganda and if you love adrenaline water sports, then don’t miss out on the white water rafting or encounter its famous animal life on the shores of the Murchison Falls National park.

Hiking and nature Walks

nature walks-mountain Elgon National park adventure the wilderness on foot

Get out of your 4×4 self-drive Uganda Car and be ready to adventure the Ugandan wilderness with all of its Natural splendour. it is time to explore Uganda, see it off the beaten tourist track as well as discover the undiscovered. Uganda  has the best experiential hiking trails including the Virunga volcanoes, Rwenzori mountain, Mount Elgon, Mount Morungole hike to visit the IK people, Jungle hikes, the Savanah with its wildlife rain forest such as Bwindi Impenetrable forest hike, hitting the trails with the Batwa pygmies, the kalinzu forest hiking trails, queen Elizabeth hiking trails, Kibale forest hiking trails, semi like a hiking trail

 Hike to the 100m high sipi falls

We also know you never want to miss out on this beautiful and powerful waterfall which comprises water and intensive green colour. You will be given a local guide who will cost you almost nothing though you will have to give a little token and experience the local life in the  nearby villages, not forgetting that your way back down to the waterfalls, where you will feel  great challenge by the steep leather, shaking off your knees and sweat which raps up the reason as to why you opted for the hike

Visiting the Karamojongs

most curious and hospitable in North Eastern Uganda

Most people still fear reaching this region because of the past thoughts that they were hostile and anyone who had visited this part of the country would come back either wounded or dead. The Karamojong are now very curious, peaceful, friendly and hospitable people. Therefore as you prepare for any of your cultural self-drive safaris within Uganda, include the North Eastern as part of your reach out to the cultural destination as you wait for your very big attention which will later turn out to be the unforgettable experience you will ever do with 4×4 self drive Uganda. I recommend on your reach out, hire a local guide who will guide you into the different villages as well as translate every bit of information.

Go on a 4×4 self-drive Uganda safari

landcruiser-4x4selfdriveuganda discover your adventure

Self-drive safari is one of the prominent and recognizable things in Uganda not forgetting the famous National parks, which are perfect and affordable compared to other East African companies. The most visited national parks in Uganda are Bwindi Impenetrable, Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth and Kibale national park, but if you would prefer to drive your freedom to the least visited park to discover the hidden treasures and secrets of the uncovered, then don’t miss out on Kidepo national park in far Northeastern Uganda just below the Sudan Border. Seeing all the animals and primates in their Natural habitat is one of the most incredible experiences of 4×4 self-drive Uganda-observe famous gorillas, prominent chimpanzees not forgetting the elegant Forest Buffaloes, elephants, giraffes, tree climbing Lions, playful antelopes, the Ugandan kobs, curios monkeys, water bucks among others. Trust me by the time you will be done with your safari, you will remain Speechless.

Enjoy the Company of White Rhinos at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Ziwa White Rhinos

best way to get closer to rhinos in the shortest time possible

You don’t have to give up so quickly when you don’t encounter any Rhino in the National parks,  because you already have a pretty better alternative of Ziwa  Rhino sanctuary, 22 White rhinos are living in a walled area simply because they are being protected  from poachers and wild hunters, after which  on their increase, they will be distributed to the wilderness the (amazing Uganda National parks)

Boat Cruise at Lake Bunyonyi

enjoy the cool climate and the chilly weather at lake Bunyonyi

This is a landscape of its own, with about 29 islands which makes it feel like a fairy tale of its own on your arrival. This big volcanic lake is so adorable that you keep wanting to stay there longer than planned. Rent a wooden canoe at an affordable charge as you enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the lake and the good news is that the lake water is bilharzia free making it suitable for swimming, as the weather is always chilly and rainy.

Horseback safaris

4x4 self drive- uganda-horse riding-lake mburo enjoy the wilderness on a horse

Join Ugandans for a unique riding safari through the villages and stunning sections. No need to worry because most travellers have little or no riding experience, but the horses instead are well trained and know exactly what they are supposed to do. There are a few tourist traps where you can catch up with your horse riding activity including lake Mburo National Park, Nile horseback safaris in Jinja, and horse riding at Munyonyo in Kampala. The ride is one of a kind that you get up close with the wild animals or ride along the trails in other mountainous regions like along the mountain Elgon, experience the cool breeze along the Nile

Enjoy the local cuisine

Ugandan foodYes, Uganda has a diversity of food varieties which is not as boring as you may think. This happens all because of the number of downpours received due to lake Victoria and the river Nile. Start from the famous traditional matooke (smashed bananas) and Binyewa (G-nut source); vegetables of all types just in abundance; beef among others as well as Chicken, fish, rice, spaghetti, not forgetting a taste of Ugandan Rolex in one of the restaurants.

Visiting the local Market

Enjoy the colourful vegetables and fresh fruits from one of our local markets, as you also interact with some of the local people when purchasing their items. Therefore open your eyes and ears as you enjoy all the beauties in the lively market.

Statistically, Uganda has for years been addressed as one of the poorest countries but it is rich in its way, the most valuable treasure is the people in that if you get to know them, interact with them, spend your precious time with them, then you will change your perspective about the country and later realize that you are the poorest. Uganda though at its position, acts as an eye opener and the greatest teacher to all travellers and self-drivers

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