Toyota Hiace Safari Vans

4×4 self-drive Uganda offers the best quality Toyota Hiace Vans that are both pop-up roof and no pop-up roof vans, vans are suitable for group travellers and family travellers. The Pop-up roof vans are highly recommended and best for wildlife safaris, they are very effective in wildlife marking out in National parks like Murchison National park, Kidepo National park, Queen Elizabeth National park and many other parks. The van carries a capacity of 8 to 9 people including a huge space for the luggage, with room for leg movement. Our vans are user-friendly with their consumption of fuel (Diesel), they are also strong and reliable on all terrain roads.

With no pop-up roof vans, they are most suitable and recommended for travellers that are specializing in gorilla trackers, campers, road trippers, mountaineering travellers and many others. We offer roof tents with no pop-up vans to suit your comfortability in the wild. Our rooftop tents for our vans can accommodate a group or a family of 5 to 6 people in 1 tent or set up 2 rooftop tents on the van.

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Pop-up Roof Safari Van

Hard-top Roof Safari Van 

Price; $100/day for pop-up roof

Price; $90/day for a Hardtop roof

Our cars can cross borders (one-way trips) to other East African countries like Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda, with the use of the COMESA document provided by the company at $30. This document is to extend our insurance for the vehicle to another country.   

Vehicle Specifications.

         •   Engine 2.5/3.0 L

         •   Fuel type; Diesel

         •   Capacity/seats; 8 seats

         •   Displacement (cc); 2494

         •   Weight capacity (kg); 1890

         •   Transmission (gear); Auto / Manual.

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