4x4 self drive uganda white rafting in Jinja


There are three companies which offer rafting on the Nile, Nile River explorers, Nalubaale, and Adrift. They all offer similar one-day itineraries starting on the west bank of the river above Overtime rapid and finishing near Hairy Lemon Island, about 20km downriver.

While on the river, you’ll get to see a lot of different birds, and you can swim in the calm stretches of water between the rapids.

Stiff competition ensures that rafting operators offer an ever-growing list of additional inducements such as free dorm accommodation (or an equivalent discount on other rooms), a post-rafting barbecue, discounts for a second trip, and optional extras such as souvenir clothing etc.

Look out too for combo deals that combine rafting with additional activities, for example, jet boating, paddle-boarding, tandem kayaking and bungee jumping.

Spend over two days, and the effect of the dam becomes rather clearer. While the first day provides plenty of thrills, day two offers fewer rapids but plenty of opportunity for paddle-boarding.

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