Why recommend one-way self-drive safaris?


One-way self-drive is a great form of flexible transportation, you can drop off the vehicle at a different location from the pickup location. This is to give you more time in the wild and swiftly reach in time of your fight at any airport in East Africa, as you enjoy stopping off anywhere you please and just enjoy your journey with your family or friends.

It will always be a good idea to opt for a self-drive one-way car, especially if you want the flexibility to be on your side. You can manage to execute all your plans with our one-way self-drive.


Since you won’t be returning the car to your original pickup location, you will be saving more time to catch up on your flight in time and enjoy adventures more conveniently. Hence you can add more activities to your itinerary. You can add more stopovers along the way or you can have a detour to where you enjoyed most during your safari. One-way self-drive gives you more freedom to explore the places you are visiting without worrying about time.

A one-way self-drive service will help you experience a memorable adventure in East Africa. With a 4×4 self-drive, you are guaranteed to have a comfortable trip with your loved ones.


Doubtlessly, one of the top advantages of one-way car rentals is convenience. Everything will be up to you since you are driving a car on your own. Just like airlines, you don’t have to worry about airline delays or cancellations and other air travel issues.

Travelling with 4×4 self-drive Uganda also gives you the freedom to stretch your rental days with just a phone call or a text message to the company whenever you feel like it. Take your time and enjoy the magnificent sights that you have overlooked when you are flying up in the air. Additionally, in case of any breakdown of the vehicle just call and we will find the best solution in the fastest way possible or provide another vehicle to continue on your adventure.


Pricing will always be a big factor when deciding on hiring a vehicle for your self-drive trip. As for the one-way self-drive service, the price will be determined by where your trip/safari will be ending, it is a great alternative for flight.

In addition, you can get more discounts with our discount season that goes up to 20%. Check our discounts page to find out more about our discounts or email us to find out more in detail about the discounts and when our discount season starts. info@4x4selfdriveuganda.com