4×4 Car (Land Cruisers) Rental With Rooftop Tent Uganda

Car Rental Uganda With Rooftop Tent: Hire a 4×4 Car (Land Cruiser ) with Rooftop Tent Uganda: 4×4 self drive Uganda offers single for 2 pax, double for 4 pax and family rooftop tents 3 pax.

We also offer a 4×4 rooftop tent camper, with all inclusive 4×4 car (Land cruiser) with rooftop tents, camping gear & a complete Kitchen set & Vehicle gear for an overland exploration in Uganda.

4×4 Self Drive Uganda offers complete 4×4 Land cruisers with rooftop tents to experience an iconic camping expedition in Uganda. Each rooftop tent features: comfortable mattress for 2 persons, guaranteed built in flat board , and wide widows for ventilation.

Discover Uganda in a 4×4 rooftop tent Land Cruiser Camper.  We have quality rooftop tents mounted on our popular Land Cruisers: including Land cruiser LX with 2 rooftop tents for 4 Pax, Land cruiser GX with 2 rooftop tents, Land Cruiser V8 with 1 rooftop tent,  Land Cruiser TX/Vx with 1 rooftop tent

Hire a single rooftop tent for 2 people, double rooftop tent  for 4 people or family rooftop tent for 3 individuals to experience sleeping  under the stars in Uganda. We hire 4×4 adventure-ready land cruisers, fully equipped with roof-top tent, camping gear and a complete kitchen.

Uganda is an ideal destination to explore & experience camping  or self drive safari in a quintessential 4×4 safari land cruisers such as Land Cruiser Lx, Land cruiser V8, Land Cruiser Gx,  or the Land cruiser 78 series, Land Cruiser TX/TZ …  to encounter sleeping in a rooftop tent under the stars, lounging in camping furniture by the fire and making delicious camping food, lazing on a camping furniture by the fire and making mouthwatering camping food.

All our 4×4 rooftop tent Land Cruiser Camper cars are equipped for traveling with 2 to 4 persons, perfect  for traveling  up  friends or with your family. The loading area has enough space for camping gear as well as your personal luggage.  The mounted rooftop tents allows to put up camping in less minutes.

What’s Included with your 4×4 rooftop tent Land Cruiser Camper Car

1 or 2 Roof top tents

Foldable camping chairs & tables

Sleeping bags (optional)

Full kitchen set

Full fridge

Gas burner stove

Cooking and plating wares and barbeque net

Water Jerrycan 20l

Car Gear.

Spare tire

First aid kit

Fire Extinguisher

Tire traction mats

Safari Camping Car with rooftop tent

Car Rental W/Rooftop Tent Uganda -Rooftop Tent Land Cruisers


A self-drive safari with a rooftop tented car is the best way to explore any part of the Country. However, it has also been proven that the 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser, both manual and automatic with either diesel or petrol engines are the best concept for travel around Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda, without depending on schedules, accommodation bookings, appointments or programs.


The 4×4 land cruiser  TX/TZ adventure-ready vehicles comes with fully equipped roof-top tents. Our home, Uganda, is the perfect place to experience camping in an iconic 4×4 expedition. Experience sleeping in a rooftop tent under the stars, lounging in spacious camping furniture by the fire and making delicious camping food.

The vehicle has automatic transmission, uses petrol gas, seats 2-5 pax, and air conditioning, the vehicle also has a popup roof.

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With Landcruiser v8 you can Balance the highway drivability and off-road performance, and are intuitive and a joy to drive. Ours cars come equipped with all weather awning, 2 person roof top tents, and all the needed camping gear. Features

  • 2-5pax
  • Air Condition
  • two air bags
  • Height Control
  • Power steering
  • pop up tent/roof
    rooftop tent cars Uganda. self-drive uganda cheap car rentals


Are you on the hunt for an incredible camp-ready rental? Whether you’re hoping to visit the National Parks or explore the upcountry, our ideally equipped 4×4 Landcruiser GX is built for the adventurous traveller.
The 4WD features;

  • each roof top tent accommodates 2 pax
  • Manual transmission and consumes diesel with two fuel tanks
  • up to 5 pax with enough luggage room but can be able to carry up to 7 pax in case you will travel without luggage
  • has air conditioning and
  • comes with 1 spare tire
  • roadside assistance & inclusive comprehensive insurance
    4x4 self-drive Uganda one-way car rental


Our 4×4 Land Cruiser Hard Top Jeep are perfect for groups of 2-5, with 5 seat belts, plenty of internal storage, and a spacious rooftop tent. all-terrain tires, two diesel tanks, manual transmission, two spare tires, and front/rear locking differentials combine to produce a robust, off-road-ready package.

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The land cruiser LX rental is renowned for being one of the most capable 4×4 adventure vehicles built. When coupled with roof-top tents, and camping equipment, the vehicle will take you anywhere you wish to go. We strive to get you there.

it also features

  • manual transmission
  • Seats 2-5 pax
  • contains diesel fuel tanks
  • Comprehensive insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance
    Land cruiser Lx-car rental Rwanda

LandCruiser Old Series With Rooftop tent

  • 2-5 pax
  • Manual transmission
  • No air condition
  • model 1987
  • Strong and in perfect conditionself drive uganda land-cruiser-old-series-rooftop

Why You Need to rent a 4×4 rooftop tent Camper Land cruiser in Uganda?

4×4 Self Drive Uganda hires out award winning rooftop tent Land cruiser campers, ideal for 2 to 4  people looking for an ultimate roadtrip camping safari

The tents can easily be set up in less possible time, offering  a raised sleeping experience. Each tent has  a comfy mattress for 2 persons, mesh windows with blackout panels, for a unique cozy camping encounter into the great outdoor adventures.

With a rooftop tent, the Land cruiser Campers guarantees instant access to stay on the road for many days, weeks and months.

With a 4×4 Rooftop tent camper, camping can become a way of life. You can hit Uganda open roads at a moment’s notice, with your gear ready to explore & discover.

4×4 rooftop tent camper hire is cheaper  on self drive interms of accommodation, meals  than booking a guided tour.

A 4×4 rooftop tent camper allows you to drive  & stop wherever, and whenever  you’re ready

On top of all that, Uganda offers a numerous outdoor activities across in the entire country: Hiking Rwenzori mountains, Jinja White water rafting  on the Nile River, Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee tracking, Wildlife safaris among other handful of the adventures that are accessible when you road trip with a roof top tent. And for those who have not gone on a self drive camping safari, get in touch with one of our rental expert to hire a 4×4 rooftop tent Land cruiser Camper  for an extended period.


And for those of you who haven’t had the chance to get your hands on your very own Roofnest yet, contact one of our many partners below to rent one for a long weekend:

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